Deprecated Chrome policies

Last updated for Chrome 76.

Applies to managed Chrome Browsers and Chrome devices.

For administrators who manage Chrome Browser or Chrome devices for a business or school.

You can use Chrome policies to control how your users experience Chrome Browser and devices running Chrome OS. New releases of Chrome introduce new policies and sometimes deprecate old ones. Deprecated policies continue to work in the current release, but they will be removed from future releases of Chrome.

You can unset deprecated policies using the same policy-management tools you used to set them. We recommend replacing deprecated policies with an alternative policy (see below). You should unset policies you’re not using.

For full descriptions of Chrome policies, including the deprecated ones, see the Policy List.

Recently deprecated policies

Policy Alternative
ContextualSuggestionsEnabled No alternative available.
EnableSymantecLegacyInfrastructure No alternative available.

Other deprecated and removed policies

Deprecated before Chrome 75

The following policies were deprecated before Chrome 75. Use alternative policies instead, when available.

Policy Alternative
AutoFillEnabled AutofillAddressEnabled and AutofillCreditCardEnabled
DefaultSearchProviderInstantURL No alternative available.
DefaultSearchProviderInstantURLPostParams No alternative available.
DefaultSearchProviderSearchTermsReplacementKey No alternative available.
DeveloperToolsDisabled DeveloperToolsAvailability
DeviceEcryptfsMigrationStrategy EcryptfsMigrationStrategy
EnableSha1ForLocalAnchors No alternative available.
ForceBrowserSignin BrowserSignin
IncognitoEnabled IncognitoModeAvailability
JavascriptEnabled DefaultJavaScriptSetting
MachineLevelUserCloudPolicyEnrollmentToken CloudManagementEnrollmentToken
MediaCacheSize No alternative available.
PacHttpsUrlStrippingEnabled No alternative available.
SafeBrowsingExtendedReportingOptInAllowed SafeBrowsingExtendedReportingEnabled
SSLVersionMax No alternative available.
SupervisedUserCreationEnabled No alternative available.
SupervisedUserContentProviderEnabled No alternative available.
SupervisedUsersEnabled No alternative available.
TabUnderAllowed DefaultPopupsSetting
UnsafelyTreatInsecureOriginAsSecure OverrideSecurityRestrictionsOnInsecureOrigin
Deprecated before Chrome 60

The following policies were deprecated before Chrome 60. Use alternative policies instead, when available.

Deprecated plug-in policies

Policy Flash alternative PDF viewer alternative
DisabledPlugins DefaultPluginsSetting AlwaysOpenPdfExternally
DisabledPluginsExceptions DefaultPluginsSetting AlwaysOpenPdfExternally
EnabledPlugins DefaultPluginsSetting AlwaysOpenPdfExternally

Deprecated remote-access policies

Policy Alternative
RemoteAccessHostClientDomain RemoteAccessHostClientDomainList
RemoteAccessHostDomain RemoteAccessHostDomainList

Other deprecated policies

Policy Alternative
DefaultMediaStreamSetting No alternative available.
DisabledSchemes URLBlacklist
ForceSafeSearch ForceGoogleSafeSearch or ForceYouTubeRestrict
ForceYouTubeSafetyMode ForceYouTubeRestrict
ProxyServerMode ProxyMode
RC4Enabled    No alternative available.
SigninAllowed SyncDisabled
SSLVersionFallbackMin No alternative available.
Permanently removed from policy list

The following policies are no longer available in Chrome. Do not use them.

  • AlwaysAuthorizePlugins
  • AutoCleanUpStrategy
  • ClearSiteDataOnExit
  • DHEEnabled
  • DeviceStartUpFlags
  • DisablePluginFinder
  • DisableSpdy
  • DnsPrefetchingEnabled
  • EnableCommonNameFallbackForLocalAnchors
  • EnableDeprecatedWebBasedSignin
  • EnableOriginBoundCerts
  • EnterpriseWebStoreName
  • EnterpriseWebStoreURL
  • PasswordManagerAllowShowPasswords
  • PresentationIdleDelayScale
  • RemoteAccessClientFirewallTraversal
  • RemoteAccessHostRequireTwoFactor

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