Install Google Cloud Print Connector

Note: After December 31, 2020, Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported. Learn more about your migration options.

The Google Cloud Print Connector serves as a bridge to allow your printers to communicate with Google Cloud Print. To the user, the printer using a connector appears in the printer list like any other Cloud-Ready printer.

Visit GitHub to learn more about the Google Cloud Print Connector.

How does it work?

The connector works by bridging printers on a Linux / MacOS CUPS server or Windows Print Spooler with Google’s Cloud Print. Once installed, printers on the server will be available for users to print from via Google Cloud Print.

Supported server platforms:

  • Windows (Deploy via MSI)
  • Linux (Requires advanced configuration)
  • Mac OS X  (Requires advanced configuration)

How do you set it up?

Google Cloud Print Connector has to be set up on a server. The setup details for different platforms can be found under Google’s open-source projects on GitHub.

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