Google Update FAQ

Size and frequency of updates

What size are Chrome updates?

The initial Chrome browser installation is approximately 50 MB. Subsequent updates from one version to the next are approximately 10–15 MB. Patch updates are typically 3–5 MB. Updates from a major version to a later nonconsecutive major version usually require a new complete installation.

How often does Google Update check for updates?

If you turn on auto-updates for Chrome, Google Update checks for the latest update approximately every 5 hours. In a large organization with many Microsoft® Windows® computers, updates are staggered throughout this 5-hour period.

Can I stagger Chrome updates using Windows Group Policy?

No. Most administrators don’t need to stagger updates because there’s a 5-hour interval between update checks and the update files are small.

Browser update URLs

What URLs are used for Chrome browser updates?

Chrome sends requests to multiple URLs when it’s checking for and downloading updates. The order of requests is determined dynamically at runtime. Both HTTP and HTTPS protocols might be tried. The following URL list of hostnames and paths can change at any time without notice:
  • *

Note: Although caching Chrome for downloading on computers across your organization isn’t officially supported, you can use the first 2 HTTP URLs in the list to cache the update files for your organization.

Are Chrome browser auto-update URLs the same for Chrome OS updates?

No. You can get updates from both products, but the URL path depends on the update.

Managing updates

How can I manage Chrome auto-updates?

You can use Google Update to manage how Chrome handles automatic updates. For most organizations, we recommend using the default setting that automatically updates devices when a new version of Chrome is available on the Stable channel. However, you can delay or turn off auto-updates if your organization needs to. Learn more about managing Chrome browser updates on Windows.

How do I update Flash?

For details about updating Adobe® Flash® on Chrome, see Changes to Flash in Chrome 54 and later.
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