About Chrome purpose-built device management trials

Set up your free trial

If you’re a Chrome device owner, you can set up a Chrome purpose-built (single-app kiosk) device management account to manage and monitor a fleet of devices using the Google Admin console. The account lets you configure Chrome devices to run as kiosks, such as a guest registration desk, a digital sign, or a point-of-sale system in a store. You don’t need a G Suite account, and you don’t need to own or verify ownership of a domain.

When you sign up for a  trial you get a subdomain to manage your devices. The subdomain name (which you choose) is in the form my_business_name.deviceadmin.goog. For example: SolarmoraFlowers.deviceadmin.goog.

Note: If you’re an existing G Suite customer, you have the option to sign up for a full Chrome device management trial using your Admin console. A full trial lets you manage all types of Chrome devices and is not limited to kiosks.

Trial account benefits

With a Chrome purpose-built device management trial, you can:

  • Centrally manage and monitor a fleet of devices.
  • Manage devices only (and no other G Suite services).
  • Try a product before purchasing any device licenses.

Note: If you’re an education customer interested in a trial, don't sign up for a trial account. Instead, should contact your sales representative or Google partner for further information.

How long is a trial and is it really free?

The trial comes with 2 Chrome kiosk device licenses and 2 user licenses that are valid for 30 days. After your trial ends, you have an additional 30 days (grace period) to monitor your devices.

During the grace period, you can deprovision your devices, but you can’t modify device policies and settings. At the end of the grace period, all devices are deprovisioned and your account and policy settings are deleted. Also, your subdomain is released and access to the Google Admin console is suspended.

Note: Google reserves the right to terminate a subdomain account when the trial ends and if you decide not to purchase device licenses. Other services associated with the account will also be terminated.

Set up a trial

To create a Chrome purpose-built device management account for the trial, you need to provide a name, email address, phone number, business name, and account name (domain prefix). You’ll be emailed a verification link to complete the signup and configure your account password. You can then access the Google Admin console to manage your devices.

  1. Sign up for a Chrome purpose-built device management trial.

    The email address you enter in the sign-up process is automatically set as the recovery email for your administrator account.

  2. Click the link in the verification email to configure your account password.
  3. Sign in to the Google Admin console using your trial account name and password.
    1. Create a backup admin account.
    2. Configure your kiosk settings .
  4. Enroll the Chrome devices. You can configure up to 2 devices to run in kiosk mode.

If you have questions, contact Chrome for business and education support.

Backup admin accounts

When you set up an account, subdomain ownership isn’t verified. Therefore, the only connection between the trial subdomain and your company is the primary admin account created during the setup process. If your company loses access to that account and hasn't created a backup account, they won’t be able to prove they own the subdomain. And, therefore, they won’t be able to recover the account.

Your trial comes with 2 user licenses, one license is assigned to the primary admin account created during the signup process. Google recommends that you use the second license to create a backup admin account to ensure that you can continue to access your Admin console and manage your devices if you lose access to the primary account.

Create a backup admin account

  1. Using your trial account name and password, sign in to the Google Admin console and create a user account for the backup admin.

    You'll need to enter a username, specify a password, and provide an email address for the account.

  2. Assign the Super Admin role to the new user.

    This ensures that the backup admin can perform the same tasks as the primary admin, such as resetting passwords and contacting support.

Purchasing licenses

You can purchase licenses anytime during the trial and grace period. You need a license for each device you own. When you become a paid customer, you can configure up to 10 users or administrators.

If you decide to purchase licenses after the grace period, you’ll need to set up a new account and enroll the devices as if you were a new customer. For more information, contact the Chrome team or a Chrome partner.

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