Chromebook trials and offers

Your users might get free trials and other special offers with their new Chromebooks. These offers are consumer offers, so they’re available to any Google Account on the device. However, as an administrator, you can decide how–or if–users redeem an offer.

Why aren’t all Chromebooks eligible for offers?

Some Chromebooks can’t get an offer because they were built before the offer was available. The offer-redemption tool is built in to the hardware. It can’t be added after a device is built.

Users can't redeem an offer

Have them try these troubleshooting steps. If they still need help, they can contact the Chromebook support team. If the problems aren’t related to an offer, an administrator for your account can access support from the Contact Us tab in the top-right of the help center.

Ensure users don’t redeem offers for personal use

If you want to make sure that your users only redeem offers with your organization’s domain accounts (, you need to:

  1. Enroll devices to your domain.
  2. Use a whitelist so users can’t sign in to a device with their personal Google Account.

Google Drive offers

Prevent users from redeeming a Drive offer

You need to turn off Drive for users in your domain.

Before you turn off Drive, keep in mind:

  • Users who redeem the offer get more storage at no additional cost.
  • After 2 years, users' files remain in Drive and they can use them at no additional charge. However, if they exceed their Drive storage quota, they won’t be able to add more files until you add more storage

Can users transfer or pool Drive storage?

No, your users cannot transfer their Drive storage to other users. Nor can they pool the storage. Offers can be redeemed once per device or once per Google Account.

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