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ChromeOS device Quick Start

4. Update to latest Chrome version

Before ChromeOS devices are enrolled, and before users sign in, the device downloads any critical updates. Critical updates don't always include the latest version updates.

After enrollment, devices update to the latest Chrome version by default. If you set auto-update policies, your policies apply after enrollment. For options and additional information, see Deploy auto-updates for ChromeOS devices.

If you're setting up a small number of devices, you don't need to complete this step. Just enroll your devices and let them automatically update to the latest Chrome version when you first sign in.

If you're setting up a large number of devices and want to conserve network bandwidth, we recommend updating the Chrome version before enrolling the devices.

To update your devices to the latest version of Chrome, you can use the Chromebook Recovery Utility. It can take as little as 5 minutes to over 20 minutes to install the latest version, it just depends on the device.

The recovery utility permanently erases all information on the device's internal memory. Save important files to Google Drive first to ensure that they're safely backed up.

Note: Use 4 GB or larger USB 2.0 drives to build the recovery stick.

For more information on how to remove and reinstall the ChromeOS, see Recover your Chromebook.

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