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Chrome Enterprise Support is a paid support offering from Google to help your organization configure, deploy, and manage the Chrome browser for users in your organization. Chrome Enterprise Support (previously called Chrome for Work Assist and Chrome Browser Assist) offers your company an Enterprise Support Agreement with Google, which provides enterprise grade support for the Chrome browser.

What’s included with Chrome Enterprise Support?

Chrome Enterprise Support offers 24/7 unlimited phone, email, and online support and help with everything from creating a deployment plan for your team to configuring Windows Group Policy templates to advanced technical troubleshooting with our support team. The scope of support is detailed under Chrome browser administration support.

How do I sign up?

Contact Google via this form. This program is for organizations with greater than 1,000 users. You purchase offline directly through Google.

What if I’m already a G Suite customer? How does Chrome Enterprise Support differ in support?

If you’re a G Suite customer, the same enterprise support for Chrome browser is included automatically at no extra cost. However, you may still be interested in purchasing Chrome Enterprise Support if you have more Chrome users in your company than G Suite licenses.

How do I deploy the Chrome browser in my organization?

You can download the Chrome MSI for Chrome on Windows computers. For detailed instructions on rolling out managed Chrome throughout your organization, see the Chrome Deployment Guide.

How do I access support?


To access phone support, you need to generate a PIN in the Google Admin console. You need the username and password from your welcome email to sign in to the Admin console.

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.

  2. Click Support.

  3. Click Chrome Enterprise Support.

  4. Click GET PIN.

  5. Call us at the number displayed above your PIN.

Email support

To access email support, sign in to the Google Cloud Support Center with your Chrome Enterprise Support administrator account. Your username and password are in the Chrome Enterprise Support welcome mail.

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