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Device management errors

This article is for IT administrators troubleshooting Chromebook enrollment.

You may encounter various error codes when uploading a log file to Log Analyzer. The error codes have similar patterns to HTTP error codes. For example, 200 means that enrollment is successful, and 400 means that there are bad requests. An exception is the 100 series, which follows a different set of rules for Chrome.

This list is not exhaustive, and it's subject to change. It's derived from the device management service source code. has a complete list of enrollment errors.

Server request failed error codes

Code Meaning Details
200 Success The device enrolled successfully and got the OK from the server.
400 Invalid Argument The device sent data that wasn’t expected during enrollment.
401 Not Authorization The authorization token isn’t valid and enrollment can’t continue.
402 Missing Licenses The domain doesn’t have enough licenses to enroll.
403 Device Management Not Allowed Chrome Management isn’t enabled on the domain.
404 URL not found Something (a proxy) is returning a 404 error when accessing the enrollment URL.
405 Invalid Serial Number The serial number is invalid and enrollment won’t continue.
409 Device ID conflict The device ID already exists and it won’t enroll a duplicate.
410 Device Not Found The enrollment server can't find the device.
500 Internal Server Error The enrollment server has an issue. Try again later.
503 Service Unavailable The enrollment server has an issue. Try again later.
902 Policy Not Found The Chrome policy isn’t found.

Server errors (100 series)

Code Short Name Description
-103 CONNECTION ABORTED The connection timed out due to not receiving an ACK signal for data sent.
-105 NAME NOT RESOLVED A host name couldn’t be resolved.
-106 INTERNET DISCONNECTED The internet connection was lost.
-107 SSL ERROR An SSL error occurred.
-113 SSL VERSION / CIPHER MISMATCH The client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.
-116 SSL RENEGOTIATION ERROR During SSL renegotiation the server sent a certificate with an error.
-117 BAD SSL CLIENT AUTH The authentication handshake failed because of a bad or missing client certificate.
-126 SSL BAD RECORD MAC ALERT An SSL peer sent Google a fatal bad_record_mac alert.
-136 CERTIFICATE INVALID Certificate presented by the HTTPS proxy was invalid.
-137 NAME RESOLUTION FAILED An error occurred when trying to do a Domain Name System (DNS) resolution.
-149 BAD PEER PUBLIC KEY SSL peer public key is invalid.

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