Chrome kiosk app Quick Start Guide

Deploy your app on Chromeboxes

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After your app is published in the Chrome Web Store, you or a customer can deploy it across Chromeboxes in the Google Admin console. You can specify the app for specific organizations or deploy it to the entire company or organization at once.

Enroll your devices and get licenses

Before you can deploy an app or set policies on a device, each Chromebox must be enrolled and have a Chrome license.

To purchase Chrome licenses, contact the Chrome or Google for Education team. You can also purchase Chrome Enterprise licenses online.

Deploy your kiosk app 

There are 2 ways to add kiosk apps in your Admin console and the way you do it depends on whether or not you want to add multiple kiosk apps at once with the same settings. For details, see Add the app as a kiosk app.

Automatically launch your app on kiosk devices

If you want to deploy a kiosk app as a digital sign or a point-of-sale system in a store, you can set the kiosk app to start automatically when you turn on the device. For details, see Set the kiosk app to launch automatically.

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