Legacy Browser Support extension for Windows

Set up the beta channel for Legacy Browser Support

This article is for IT administrators using Legacy Browser Support.


The Legacy Browser Support (LBS) beta channel (also known as a test channel) provides a way for your organization to test new versions of the LBS Chrome extension and MSI before they're released to the stable version of LBS. Test machines should only be configured for the test version or stable version of LBS, or else conflicts may occur.

To configure the LBS beta channel, you'll need to install all of the following on your test machines.

Chrome Extension

The test version of the Legacy Browser Support extension is available in the official Chrome Web Store, but it’s unlisted so that only IT administrators access it. Get the test extension here.

You can also install this extension via Windows Group Policies (GPO) or Google Admin console policies.

The GPO value should include the extension ID and update URL: ebojbgfomggiamdflnhekjfkmdbeblpb;https://clients2.google.com/service/update2/crx.

See this article for more information about how to force-install extensions using GPO.

Native host and IE add-on

You also need to install the Native host and IE add-on that’s included in the MSI package below. This package won't automatically update once installed so you'll need to manually update after each release.

ADM templates

Administrative templates for the LBS test channel can be found here.

This template can be installed on the same server as the stable template. The policies for each channel can be configured independently of one another.

For example, you could install the test version of LBS on one machine and the stable version on another while managing the behavior of both from the same Windows Server. You'll just need to ensure that the correct policies are being applied to the appropriate machine(s).

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