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Chrome license renewal

If you have Chrome licenses with an annual subscription, such as Chromebox for meetings, single app Chrome kiosk device management, or Chrome Enterprise, you need to renew your licenses at the end of each annual term to continue using them. Any licenses you bought with a perpetual subscription (covers the life of the device) don't need to be renewed.

How do I renew my licenses?

How you renew depends on how you purchased your licenses:

  • If you purchased single app Chrome device management licenses or Chrome Enterprise annual licenses through a reseller or authorized partner, you’ll need to contact them to renew your licenses.

  • If you purchased your licenses from the Google Admin console, see Chrome trials and subscriptions to manage renewals.

  • If you purchased licenses directly from Google, but not from your Admin console, you need to contact the order management team ( to renew your licenses.

What happens if I don’t renew my Chrome licenses?

If you don’t renew your licenses at the end of the term, your management service will be suspended. You get a grace period to renew your licenses. If you don’t renew your licenses by the end of the grace period, your managed Chrome devices will be automatically unenrolled.

During your grace period, you can only unenroll devices. You won’t be able to change management settings or take any other actions. When your grace period ends, you won’t be able to access device management in the Admin console. Additionally, any enrolled devices will be unenrolled and will no longer be associated with your domain. An unenrolled device loses all configured policies and printers. For more information, see Deprovision and disable Chrome devices.

What happens if I have both perpetual and annual device subscriptions?

This scenario only applies if you purchased Chrome licenses with perpetual and annual subscriptions. Annual subscriptions aren't available for Chrome Education and Chrome Nonprofit.

Perpetual subscriptions will not be affected if your annual subscriptions expire or are reduced. However, if you have more devices enrolled than you have perpetual subscriptions when your annual subscription expires (and is not renewed), the extra devices will be unenrolled. For details, see Renew, but with fewer licenses. If you have trouble managing your service after your annual subscription expires, contact the Chrome support team.

Renew, but with fewer licenses

If you choose to renew your service for fewer licenses than your previous annual subscription, you need to ensure that your enrolled devices are equal to the number of licenses you’re renewing. If you have more devices enrolled than your license count after renewal, you have a grace period to resolve the discrepancy. After the grace period, your devices will be automatically unenrolled until the number of licenses you’re using equals the new renewal total.

For example, say your original subscription was for 100 licenses. You only want to renew 50 licenses, but you still have 70 devices in an enrolled state. If you don’t resolve the difference between the number of licenses and devices enrolled during the grace period, 20 devices with the oldest last-active date will be automatically unenrolled to match the new license count of 50.

Original subscription

Your original subscription has 100 licenses.

Chromebook icon updated Dec 2013

Choose to renew fewer licenses

When they're up for renewal, you choose to renew only 50 licenses, even though you still have 70 Chrome devices enrolled.

Chrome licenses diagram

Differences rectified

20 devices will be automatically unenrolled so that your total device count equals the 50 licenses you renewed.


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