Chrome device Quick Start Guide

Set up Chrome devices

This guide walks you through how to quickly set up your Chrome devices for your organization. For a more detailed guide, see the Chrome Device Deployment Guide.

We recommend setting up 1 Chrome device with the settings you want to use for all of your devices first. Then you can apply the settings to the rest of your devices. If you want to deploy a large number of devices for the first time, we recommend that you work with a G Suite Partner.

Set up your devices in 5 steps

Chromebook icon updated Dec 2013
  1. Survey your site
  2. Add Wi-Fi networks
  3. Set Chrome management policies
  4. Update your devices to the latest Chrome version
  5. Enroll your devices

Want your devices ready to use out of the box?

Use a white glove prep service

Many official Chrome device resellers offer device configuration services, including:

  • Updating the Chrome OS version on Chromebooks
  • Enrolling in Chrome management
  • Validating policies, including preconfigured Wi-Fi networks
  • Asset tagging
  • Laser etching

Contact a reseller if you're interested in this type of deployment.

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