Chrome device Quick Start Guide

5. Enroll Chrome devices

To enforce the device policies you set in your Admin console, you need to enroll devices in your domain. Each device you enroll adheres to the policies you set until you wipe or recover it.

Before you start

If you're setting up Chrome devices for a large group, such as multiple office locations or classrooms, you might decide to give the devices to others to enroll. Before you do this, enroll a single device to test that the management policies work correctly.

Enroll your devices

As an administrator, you can enroll devices or allow users to enroll them using the Enrollment Permissions policy.

For instructions how to enroll a device, see Enroll Chrome devices.

If you run into issues while enrolling the device, you might need to wipe and re-enroll the device.

Next steps

You can manage your organization's Chrome devices with Chrome management. Configure features for users, including: 

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