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Chrome device licenses

Note: This article is about licenses and subscriptions for managed Chrome devices. If you’re looking for information about device enrollment, see Enroll Chrome devices.

Licenses used

To manage Chrome devices across your organization, you need a license for each device you want to manage. The license gives you access to device settings in the Google Admin console. Two types of license are available and depending on which one you choose, you may be able to opt for a perpetual or annual license.

You need a license to enroll a device. If you don’t have one, you'll see an error. You then have to purchase a new license, or if you have annual license subscriptions you can deprovision an enrolled device to make its license available. You can't transfer a license to another domain. 

To view the number of licenses currently in use, sign in to the Admin console and go to Device management > Chrome devices.

Chrome device management license

A Chrome device management license is used to configure settings and enforce policies for a specific Chrome device. It gives you access to device settings that let you control user access, customize features, configure network access, and more. You can purchase this license annually or for the life of the device.

Single app Chrome kiosk device management license

A single-app Chrome kiosk license gives you access to the settings you need to configure, deploy, and monitor a Chrome device running as a single-app kiosk. It’s perfect for a device that is used exclusively as a kiosk, say for a digital sign or point-of-sale system in a store. However, it can’t be used for public-session kiosks.

License subscriptions

Perpetual—A perpetual subscription is only available for Chrome device management licenses and covers the life of the device it's enrolled to. If you encounter a hardware issue and need to replace a device with a perpetual license, you can transfer the license to another device of the same model (or equivalent manufacturer-provided replacement). However, you can’t transfer the license from one device model to another, or to a device in another domain. Transfers are audited. We recommend reviewing the end-of-life policies for each device before purchasing a perpetual license.

Annual—An annual license is bought per term and can be renewed when the term ends. If you encounter a hardware issue and need to replace a device, you can transfer the license to a device of any model in the same domain. If you purchase additional annual licenses mid-term, the cost is prorated and the license expires at the same time as your original subscription.

Learn more about deprovisioning devices and applicable license transfers.

Country availability: Annual subscriptions are only available to Chrome for business customers (not Chrome for education or nonprofits customers). If you're a Chromebox for meetings customer, see Where are Chromebox for meetings devices sold and supported?

License features

  Chrome device management Single-app kiosk device management Feature description
User policies X
  • Manage and deploy policies at a user level
Device policies
  • Manage policies at a device level
  • Example: Allow automatic system updates, enable health reporting for kiosks
Public sessions X
  • Allow users to share a Chrome device without needing to sign in
Network configurations  
  • Deploy network configurations (Wi-Fi and Ethernet)
Push apps and extensions
  • Deploy apps
  • Deploy app configurations to control the first-run experience
PC workstation X
  • Use the device as a workstation
  • Access to web and virtualized desktop applications

To purchase additional licenses, contact the Chrome or Google for Education team. For issues related to device enrollment, contact support.

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