Chrome service options

For administrators who manage Chrome devices for a business or school.

The following is a list of Chrome services and the applicable Google agreement, which governs Google’s provision of such Services.

The below Services are governed by the Chrome Services License Agreement:

Chrome Enterprise, Chrome Education and Chrome Nonprofit services allow you to configure settings and enforce policies for specific Chrome devices. You can control user access, customize features, configure network access, and more. Choose the service that’s right for your organization type.

Chrome Kiosk service gives you access to the settings you need to configure, deploy, and monitor a Chrome device as a single-app kiosk. It’s perfect for a device that's used exclusively as a kiosk, such as a digital sign or point-of-sale system in a store. However, it can’t be used for public-session kiosks. This service is only available to business customers.

The below Services are governed by the Chrome Browser Cloud Management License Agreement:

Chrome Browser Cloud Management (CBCM) allows administrators to view reports about use of the Chrome browser on devices enrolled into CBCM. Administrators may also sort devices into organizational units, manage extensions, and set policies across enrolled devices via the Admin Console. CBCM is not an Audited Services.

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