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List of Optional Services

Data processor mode is currently only available for users on managed ChromeOS devices in these countries.

Service name Chrome browser ChromeOS Description
Advanced Protection Program   The Advanced Protection Program is designed to defend Google accounts against targeted online attacks.
Alternate error page   Alternate error page controls whether Chrome browser shows an alternate error page using Google public DNS service to resolve navigation errors.
Autofill - Web Payment   Autofill - Web Payment provides users with a solution to sync their payment methods across their Google devices with the same Google account.
Calendar   The Google Calendar app integrated with managed Chromebooks lets users view events in their Google Calendar.
Chrome Remote Desktop ChromeOS users and IT administrators can access ChromeOS devices (including kiosks) remotely using Chrome Remote Desktop. This is done by registering as a user or administrator on the support page or through the Chrome Remote Desktop app.
Chrome Enterprise Connectors Framework Chrome Enterprise Connectors Framework offers a collection of connectors and APIs that simplify the steps needed to integrate Chrome browser and ChromeOS with first and third party solution providers.
Developer tool (Chrome DevTools)   Chrome DevTools offers users a set of web developer tools built directly into Chrome browser and Android Developer Options on the ChromeOS platform.
Domain Reliability Verification   The Domain Reliability Verification feature helps verify that users can reliably request and reach Google domains.
Feedback Report Feedback Report allows users to provide feedback about a feature or product.
Nearby Sharing   Nearby Sharing is a feature that allows users to share text, images, files or web pages with other nearby Android and ChromeOS devices.
Profile Image Downloader   Profile Image Downloader gives signed-in users the option of using their Google Account image for their ChromeOS profile, or they can choose a different image from their local file system or via camera.
Quick Answers   Quick Answers is a ChromeOS feature that shows useful information related to the user selection on the right click.
Search Suggest   Search Suggest provides query completion predictions while the user is typing in a Google Search box.
URL-Keyed Pseudonymous Metrics   For users who have it enabled, URL-Keyed Pseudonymous Metrics (UKM) sends metrics tied to URLs to Google, to improve searches and browsing. UKM data is only collected from users who have both (i) enabled metrics collection, and (ii) enabled the Make searches and browsing better setting.
VM Plugin Checker   VM Plugin Checker communicates with the Plugin VM License Checker API to confirm if a managed user has a valid Plugin VM (Parallels) license.
Wallpaper - Photo Service   Wallpaper - Photo Service allows users to select Chrome wallpaper images via the Google Photo service.
Web Push Messaging   Web Push Messaging permits web pages to be sent push messages or notifications if a user has allowed Chrome notifications.
WebRTC reporting   WebRTC (Web Real-time Communication) is a free, open software project that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications capabilities via simple APIs.

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