Enroll Chrome devices

This article is for Chrome for Business and Education administrators.
Chromebook icon updated Dec 2013

You need to first enroll your Chrome devices to enforce policies on them set in your Admin console. Each device you enroll adheres to the Chrome settings you set in the Admin console until you wipe or recover the device. Note that if you "powerwash" the device, you will not be able to enroll it. If you need to reset the device, see Wipe device data.

New devices should always be manually enrolled. Devices that have been previously enrolled, deprovisioned, wiped and placed back into pending are eligible for automatic enrollment if the policy is enabled.

Manual enrollment

Manually enroll the device before anyone (including administrators) signs in to the Chrome device. If a user signs in before you enroll the device, the device ignores the Admin console settings, and you must wipe the device and restart the enrollment process.

  1. Turn on the Chrome device and follow the onscreen instructions until you see the sign on screen. Do not sign in yet.

  2. Before signing in to the Chrome device, press the key combination Ctrl-Alt-E. The enrollment screen appears.

  3. Enter the username and password from your Google admin welcome letter, or the username and password for an existing Google Apps user on your account.

  4. Click Enroll device. You will receive a confirmation message that the device has been successfully enrolled.

Automatic enrollment

To enable automatic enrollment, in the Admin console, go to Device management > Chrome management > Device settings, and make sure the setting Enroll Devices Automatically is set to Allow devices to enroll automatically.

Automatic enrollment is only recommended for devices that have already been manually enrolled in the past. Enrolled devices that have been deprovisioned, wiped, and placed into pending will be eligible for automatic enrollment.

After wiping the device and placing the serial number into pending, the device will automatically enroll when a user on the domain logs in. If a user attempts to sign in with a username that's outside of your domain, such as a personal Gmail account, the device shows an alert that says the username is ineligible for use on the device.

After the first user signs in to enroll the device, he or she will be listed as the user for that device in the Admin console. To change the user associated with that device, in the Admin console, go to Device management > Devices (to the right of Chrome management). On the Chrome devices page, click the device serial number > Edit, and change the username for that device.

Notes about automatic enrollment:
  • If you need to automatically enroll many devices in your organization, test automatic enrollment with a few devices first before deploying it to all devices in your organization.
  • Automatic enrollment only enrolls the device in your domain so that you can remotely manage it using the Admin console. You need a WiFi connection to initially enroll each device. Once enrolled, you can choose to manage networks for the device.

Troubleshoot enrollment

I get an "invalid parameters" error when first trying to enroll my Samsung Chromebook

This is a known issue with the Samsung Chromebook 303. You may need to wait at least 90 seconds at the Terms of Service screen when first starting a Chromebook before continuing with enrollment. If you're still experiencing issues, please contact support.