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Hardware Support

For Chrome device for Work and Education hardware issues, please contact your device manufacturer's repair center.

Chrome device repair center

Manufacturer Region Phone Support Support Page
Acer USA, Canada   Read More
Japan   Read More
Global Read More Read More
ASUS USA, Canada 1-888-606-ASUS (606-2787) Read More
Japan   Read More
Dell Global Read More Read More
Google Global Read More Read More
HP USA, Canada 1-800-334-5144 Read More
Japan   Read More
Lenovo US 1-800-426-7378 Read More
Global Read More Read More
Samsung USA 1-866-SAM-4-BIZ (726-4249)  
Canada 1-800-749-0205  

Software & Services Support

What's Supported?

See What's Supported for a detailed list of what types of issues we support.

Phone Support

Phone support is available for customers who purchase Chrome device licenses or who have a Google Apps support PIN. Before you dial the number, please make sure you have your PIN ready.

Your support PIN can be found in the Admin console under Support > Chrome Management for Chrome device support, and under Support > Google Apps for Chrome browser support.

U.S. Toll Free: 1-877-355-5787

International: +1-646-257-4500

For local support contact phone numbers, see our worldwide phone numbers.

Google for Work Support Center

To manage your organization's support cases online, you can open a support case in the Google for Work Support Center. You can also learn more about GWSC.

Tips for contacting support:

  • For Chrome devices, try to diagnose the device's issue by collecting logs and then use the Log Analyzer.
  • For Chrome browser, try to capture logs while reproducing your issue.
  • Check the known enterprise issues to see if Google is already addressing your issue. Receive updates on an issue by clicking the star in the left-hand column.
  • You can also check the known consumer issues for Chrome devices and browser.

If you did not purchase Chrome device management licenses, see Chromebook support options for consumers.

Troubleshooting Resources

The following tools and forums are available online for free:

Chrome devices

Chrome browser