Set ChromeOS data controls

3: Verify data control rules are set

After you apply any Chrome policies or create a rule, users need to restart Chrome for the settings to take effect. You can check users’ devices to make sure the policy was applied correctly.

  1. On a managed device, go to chrome://policy.
  2. Click Reload policies.
  3. For DataLeakPreventionRulesList, make sure it is set with a json version of the rules you created.
  4. For DataLeakPreventionReportingEnabled, make sure Status is set to OK. Turn on the DataLeakPreventionReportingEnabled policy to turn on reporting.
  5. Alternatively, you can test restrictions based on your rules on the device. For example, try to copy and paste from a restricted website.

Note: If you created rules with the Report action, they are ignored if reporting is disabled.

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