Set ChromeOS data controls


How do ChromeOS data controls fit with our Chrome Enterprise Premium offering?

The two features are complementary and coexist.

  • ChromeOS data controls only work on ChromeOS and applies restrictions at the OS level based on the content source and destination if relevant. This includes restrictions that are not feasible at the browser-level like screen capture, electronic privacy screen, and screen sharing.
  • Chrome Enterprise Premium works across all platforms and applies restrictions at the browser-level based on uploading data to Google and scanning it for specific regex patterns. For example, flagging a social security number. Chrome Enterprise Premium supports a smaller subset of restrictions based on what the browser has control over such as clipboard and printing.

Do ChromeOS data controls require a device to be online?

No, The device must have access to the internet to receive policy changes but after that everything is evaluated locally on the device

Any events generated while a device is offline, are saved and sent to the Admin console when the device can connect to the internet.

Can I get information on device restrictions?

Starting from ChromeOS version 121, there is an internal debugging page chrome://dlp-internals that provides information about the current locally applied restrictions on a device.

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