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Set up Chrome Browser Cloud Management

Choose your domain type

When you sign up for Chrome Browser Cloud Management (CBCM), you can manage Chrome browsers using a domain-verified account or a provided-domain account. 

For domain-verified accounts, you use your own business domain name. For provided-domain accounts, Google provides the account.

Domain-verified accounts 

If you sign up using domain-verified accounts, you can use your own business domain for your Google Admin console account. You have 14 days to verify your business domain

Note: We reserve the right to terminate an account if the domain verification process is not completed after 14 days.

Other services associated with the account will also be terminated.

With a domain-verified account you can:

  • Purchase additional upgrades or products, such as Google Workspace, Chrome Enterprise Upgrade for Chrome OS devices, or Cloud Identity for your organization.
  • Create up to 10 users with the CBCM free offering.
  • Create and manage users and groups by organizational unit and apply group-based policies that allow for more customization in your organization. 

Provided-domain accounts

If you don't want to use your own domain, we can provide you with one. 

You choose the provided domain name in the form of For example,

  • Provided-domain accounts are quick and easy to set up for CBCM, are ideal for testing, and do not need domain verification.
  • You are limited to one admin user. For more users, you need to create an account using your own domain-verified account. 
  • You cannot move from a provided-domain account to a domain-verified account.
  • You can’t sign up for Google Workspace services, Chrome OS upgrades, or any other Google products, upgrades, or services. To avail of these, you need to create an account using your own domain-verified account. 
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