Google Checkout shopping cart overview

The Google Checkout shopping cart is a quick and easy way to add a shopping cart to your website. To see how the shopping cart works, take a look at our demo store.

Buyer experience

When buyers click the Add to Cart button next to an item on your site, the item is added to the Google Checkout shopping cart, which opens instantly on your website, showing buyers what they have selected and allowing them to purchase multiple items at once.

Once they're ready to place an order, buyers can click on the Google Checkout link in the shopping cart to be taken to a purchase page where they can review their order and complete the purchase process.

After an order has been placed, it will be displayed in the Checkout Merchant Center for you to process.

Shopping cart features

The Google Checkout shopping cart is compatible with the HTML API and uses a powerful JavaScript API allowing you to customize the cart's look and behavior. Here are a few examples:

Add multiple items to the cart
Buyers can purchase multiple items at once by adding them individually to the cart.

Adjust item size, quantity and more using custom attributes
Allow buyers to select the size and quantity by creating products 'with multiple options' or 'with multiple prices' when generating your shopping cart code using our wizard. The product image and price will update automatically as buyers make selections.

Multiple shipping options
Specify a variety of shipping options for buyers to choose from, including carrier-calculated shipping. You can also offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount.

Customize your cart's appearance, location and behavior
You can customize your cart's location and appearance using CSS to modify text colors, borders, background colors and more to match the look and feel of your website. You can also adjust the way the cart behaves when new products are added or when the cart is empty.

Track your site's performance with Google Analytics
Monitor conversions easily by adding a few lines of tracking code to your website. Learn more.

Learn more about your options using our complete API documentation.