Policies overview

The following policies apply to all Google Checkout merchants:

  • Program policy: Requirements and guidelines about buyer communications, order management, branding, and use of Google Wallet buttons and badges that will help you provide a positive experience for your buyers
  • Content policy: Descriptions of acceptable and unacceptable products and services
  • Privacy policy: An explanation of how we treat your personal information when you use Google's products and services

You may not offer Google Wallet as a checkout option for any product that isn't allowed under our content policies.

If you're using the API, you must disable the Wallet button for the unacceptable product on your website. Doing so will inform your buyers that they may not use Google Wallet to purchase that item from you. For more information about disabling Google Wallet buttons, please review our Developer's Guide.

In accordance with our program policies, although you may disable Wallet buttons in certain cases, you'll need to offer Google Wallet as a payment option for no less than 95% of your total products and services.