Payment Guarantee Policy

How it works

Google's Payment Guarantee Policy is a unique benefit that offers you protection from unwarranted chargebacks, allowing you to accept more high risk orders. For all eligible transactions, we'll completely reimburse you for any chargebacks resulting from claims of unauthorized purchases and non-receipt of goods.

Determining eligibility

An order's eligibility for the Payment Guarantee is based on complex, proprietary fraud detection technology. While we can't disclose the exact reason why a particular order may or may not be eligible for the Payment Guarantee, please know that many factors go into determining an order's eligibility.

Ineligible orders aren't necessarily fraudulent. Since you know your business best, you're welcome to process them at your own discretion.

Verify an order's eligibility

To check if an order is eligible for the Payment Guarantee:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Click the appropriate order number in your orders inbox.
  3. Locate the Buyer credit verification section on the order details page.
  4. If the order is eligible for the Payment Guarantee, Covered by Payment Guarantee will be displayed.

Additional criteria

Although an order may be eligible for the Payment Guarantee, you must also meet the following criteria when processing it to qualify fully:

  • The order must be for tangible goods that meet our content policies. (Orders of intangible goods aren’t eligible for the Payment Guarantee.)
  • You must ship the order to the buyer's shipping address (as specified in the Google Checkout Merchant Center or the Google Checkout API call) according to the shipping method and timeframe agreed upon when the order was placed.
  • For transactions less than US$250, you must provide a tracking number or other proof of delivery with full shipping address.
  • For transactions of US$250 or more, you must provide proof of delivery with the buyer's signature and full shipping address.
  • You must display a clear return policy on your website.
  • You must abide by our Terms of Service.
  • The resulting chargeback must be for a claim for unauthorized purchase or non-receipt of items. Chargebacks for claims of defective merchandise or items not as described, failure to post credit for cancelled or returned orders, or duplicate billing aren’t covered.
  • Upon receiving a request from Google for supporting documentation, you must provide this information within ten business days.

If a buyer wants to make changes to an order, you should direct your customer to cancel the order and place a new one if you’d like to retain your qualification for the Payment Guarantee.

Keep in mind that the Payment Guarantee Policy doesn't cover:

  • Intangible goods, such as services and digital content
  • Chargebacks resulting from claims of defective merchandise or items not as described, failure to post credit for cancelled or returned orders, or duplicate billing

For more details about our Payment Guarantee Policy, refer to Section 8 of our Program Policies.

As with any credit card transaction processing service, you assume some level of chargeback risk when you sell through Google Checkout. However, when combined with your good selling practices, Google's policies can help reduce your overall risk. Learn more about maximizing Checkout's fraud protection benefits.