Google Play Developers and Digital Goods Merchants

If you are selling apps on the Google Play Store, using Google Wallet for digital goods, or processing in-app payments through Google Wallet, you will continue to be supported. Moving forward, you’ll be able to access your merchant account at

If you use the above products, and also used Google Checkout APIs for notifications or reporting, we recently announced replacement APIs. The Checkout Notification API has been replaced by the Play Purchase Status API. To replace the Checkout Reporting API, you can automate the download of your estimated sales and earning reports via the gsutil utility.

If you are using Google Checkout to sell digital goods, you will need to move to Google Wallet for digital goods or in-app billing to continue processing orders.

Lastly, if you use Google Checkout to sell physical goods or services but also sell an app on the Google Play Store, sell items within an app using In-App billing, or sell items using Google Wallet for digital goods, only the Checkout function of your account will be impacted. You can continue processing orders from the Play Store, and Google Wallet for digital goods, normally.