Retiring Google Checkout Announcement

Effective November 20th 2013, Google Checkout is shut down and is no longer processing payments. Here’s how this may affect you:

  • Merchants selling digital goods may transition to Google Wallet for digital goods
  • Merchants selling through Google-hosted marketplaces (e.g. Google Play) will be unaffected
  • Merchants selling physical goods will need to switch to third-party alternatives (see below)

This decision was not made lightly—ultimately, we decided our focus is best concentrated on other areas of the payments space. As we begin to sunset this product, you can expect to see a number of changes through 2013:

Date Product Change
May 20th, 2013 Last day to sign up for Google Checkout
November 20th, 2013 Last day to charge orders
November 21st, 2013 Last day to ship orders
November 27th, 2013 All outstanding orders will be cancelled
December 20th, 2013 Last merchant refunds permitted through Checkout

We’re committed to helping you remove Google Checkout from your sites, as well as assisting in finding alternative solutions for your payment processing needs. To that end, we’ve addressed many common questions below and throughout the Checkout Merchant Help Center. You can direct questions to our product transition specialists, available 24 hours a day at 1-855-WALLET-6. Thank you for being a user of Google Checkout.


Is Google offering a replacement product?

No, Google is not offering a replacement processing solution for physical goods and services. We’ve partnered with three premier players in the payments industry to offer alternatives for your eCommerce needs. The links below will guide you to more detailed information about each offering, including negotiated discounts for Checkout users:

We recognize this transition may be difficult; it impacts you and your business. We’re committed to helping you with a smooth transition. While we are unable to offer a direct replacement for Google Checkout, we are continuing to invest in a variety of exciting new payments products to meet real world needs for both buyers and sellers. You can learn more about our recently launched payments products below:


How do I remove Google Checkout from my website?

To remove Google Checkout, first determine your integration type, then follow the links below for step-by-step instructions:

  1. Email invoicing
  2. Buy Now buttons
  3. Google Checkout store gadget
  4. Google Checkout shopping cart
  5. HTML/XML (Custom-built integration)

How does this impact order processing, refunds, payouts, etc?

Google Checkout is now closed and is unable to process any orders or refunds. Here are some articles related to the retirement that you may help you transition to a new payment processing solution:

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I'm a Google Play developer or Google Wallet for digital goods user; does this announcement impact me?

If you are selling apps on the Google Play Store, using Google Wallet for digital goods, or processing in-app payments through Google Wallet, you will continue to be supported. Moving forward, you’ll be able to access your merchant account at

If you are using Google Checkout to sell digital goods, you will need to move to Google Wallet for digital goods or in-app billing to continue processing orders.

Lastly, if you use Google Checkout to sell physical goods or services but also sell an app on the Google Play Store, sell items within an app using In-App billing, or sell items using Google Wallet for digital goods, only the Checkout function of your account will be impacted. You can continue processing orders from the Play Store, and Google Wallet for digital goods, normally.


Will this change be communicated with Google Wallet users?

Google Wallet buyers will not be proactively notified. Please direct buyers with questions to the Google Commerce blog.


I use special or beta features of Google Checkout. Will the removal of these features follow the same timeline?

Yes, special features were sunset on the same schedule as core Google Checkout features. Learn more below:


Questions not answered above? We’ve included additional information throughout the Help Center. Below is an index of articles relating to the closing of Google Checkout: