Adding tracking information

Add tracking information when you ship your Google Checkout orders to give buyers more visibility into the status of their purchase and set expectations about when their items will arrive. To add tracking information:

Through the Checkout Merchant Center

  1. Locate your order within the Checkout Merchant Center.
  2. Click on the order number to view the Order Details page.
  3. Click Send shipping notice.
  4. Choose your carrier from the drop down menu and enter any relevant tracking number.
  5. Click Send shipping notice.
  6. An email with the tracking information you entered will be sent to your buyer notifying them of the shipment. Buyers can also view the tracking information you enter by signing into their Checkout accounts.

It is not currently possible to add tracking information after an order has been marked as shipped.

Via the Order Processing API

If you've integrated your order processing system with Google Checkout, you can use fulfillment commands to identify the items in an order that have shipped and to provide shipment tracking data for those items. If you specify a fulfillment state for each item in an order, then Google Checkout will use the statuses of those items to deduce the fulfillment state of the entire order.

Learn more about adding tracking via the Order Processing API.