Cancelling an order

To cancel an order using the Google Checkout Merchant Center:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click the number of the order you'd like to cancel.
  3. Click Cancel entire order.
  4. Select the appropriate cancellation reason from the drop-down menu.
  5. Add comments if needed. These comments will appear in the buyer's Google Wallet account purchase history page.
  6. Click Cancel order.

You can also cancel orders using the Google Checkout API.

Things to remember

  • Once an order or part of an order has been cancelled, it can't be reinstated.
  • Google will send a cancellation notification email to the buyer, and your buyer’s Google Wallet account will update to reflect the order status change.
  • Google will return the variable portion of the transaction fee to you, based on the amount you refund to the buyer. We'll retain the flat portion of the fee.

Cancelling part of an order

If you've performed a level two API integration with Google Checkout, you can cancel individual items within an order. Using the line-item shipping API commands, you can set the status for individual items to shipped, backordered, cancelled, or returned.

Although it isn't possible to process partial cancellations using the Google Checkout Merchant Center, you can charge the order, then issue a partial refund for unwanted or unshipped items.