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Google Voice users can't disable ringing in Hangouts

Calls to your Google Voice phone numbers will ring in Hangouts, even if you have removed Google Chat as a forwarding phone in your Google Voice Settings.


If you do not want to have calls to your Google Voice number ring you in Hangouts, please follow these steps:

  1. Revert to the old Chat in Gmail
  2. Sign out of Hangouts


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Names and other text display as 'undefined'

If you see names in your Chat list or messages displayed as 'undefined,' or if you see 'undefined' between the 'Save' and 'Discard' buttons when composing a message, please upgrade your Better Gmail Firefox extension to Better Gmail 2. If you have Greasemonkey enabled in your browser, please disable the 'Gmail Conversation Preview' script to resolve the issue.
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Video chat and Call Phones on Windows 8

The Windows 8-style UI doesn’t allow web browsers to use plugins. This means that features like Call Phone in Gmail and computer-to computer voice and video chat, that use the Voice and Video plugin, won’t work in the Windows 8-Style UI.

However, you can still use Call Phone and Voice and Video chat by switching from the Windows 8-style UI to Desktop mode.

If you don’t have the Voice and Video plugin installed you can download it here.

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