Do I have classic Hangouts or Google Chat?

To see which chat application you’re using, check the app name, the app logo or the URL of your browser web page. 

  • Hangouts Hangouts – If you have a personal Google Account (usually an account ending with, you probably have classic Hangouts. Start Hangouts on the web at

    You can’t use Google Chat with your personal account to start a new conversation. Over time, you may be invited to chat by someone using Google Chat at work or school. If that happens, you can respond with either classic Hangouts or Chat on the web (
  • "" Google Chat – If you have a Google Workspace account at work, school or another group, you might use Chat, Google’s newest messaging application. Start Chat on the web at

    Some Google Workspace organisations still use classic Hangouts, and some use both Chat and classic Hangouts. If you’re not sure which you should use, check with your administrator.

    Note: ‘Hangouts Chat’ was the previous name for Google Chat. It doesn't refer to classic Hangouts. 

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