Why can't I chat with someone?

When you try to send someone a message in Google Chat, you might get a banner that says you can't message them. This banner appears because you and the person have incompatible settings. 

Reasons why you can’t chat with someone

  • Settings that don't let them use Google Chat.
  • Settings that don't let them chat with people outside of their organisation.
  • History settings that aren't compatible. You might be able to fix this by making your chat history settings compatible with the other person's settings. See Turn chat history on or off.
  • Data region settings that aren’t compatible with yours and at least one of you can’t turn history off (as set by your Google Workspace administrator). If history can be turned off for both of you, it will automatically turn off when you chat with someone in a different data region.
  • Settings that block you in Google Chat or another product. Learn more
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