Snooze notifications

If you want to work uninterrupted in Google Chat, you can temporarily stop notifications on all your devices. That way, if you’re in an important meeting or not working, you won’t be notified when someone starts a conversation with you. To stop notifications completely, turn notifications off.

If you snooze notifications

If you temporarily stop notifications, people can see how long you paused notifications and they won’t expect an immediate response.

  • If you’re online, people see Snooze online Snooze online and how long you paused notifications.
  • If you’re away from Chat, people see Snooze offline Snooze offline and how long you paused notifications.

Temporarily stop notifications

  1. Open Chat.
  2. At the top left, click your status.
  3. Select a time period to snooze notifications.
    Notifications automatically turn back on after the snooze period expires.
  4. (Optional) To stop snoozing, click your status and thenTurn off Do not disturb.
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