Important: On July 31, 2024, the Meet app in Chat will begin to shut down. To modify or reschedule meetings or to look up your schedule, go to Calendar on or use the Google Calendar Android or iOS app.

Meet app for Google Chat

You can use the Meet app in Chat and Chat in Gmail to schedule, modify, and cancel meetings, or to look up your schedule.

Before you begin

Using the Meet app in spaces

If you’re in a space and want to send a message or schedule a meeting using the Meet app, enter @meet in each message to the app (including in replies to questions from the app). Using @meet in every message ensures that the app gets your message and takes action on it.

If you want @meet to create a meeting with space members, enter "@meet Schedule a meeting for us." 

Tip: Some @meet app features work in direct messages, but not in spaces. For example, you can use @meet in a space to schedule a meeting, but not for other calendar interactions, such as asking for your schedule.

Examples of using the Meet app

To schedule a meeting (includes setting the title, date and time, duration, guests), enter:

  • Schedule a meeting with Cynthia tomorrow at 3pm
  • Schedule a meeting with
  • Find 45 minutes with Cynthia next week, title it "1:1”

Modify a meeting that was just scheduled

  • Move this meeting to tomorrow
  • Rename this meeting to “Team planning session”

Reschedule or cancel a meeting

  • Reschedule my meeting with Cynthia
  • Cancel my meeting with Cynthia

Look up your schedule

  • What is my schedule tomorrow?
  • Do I have meetings on Monday?
  • Am I free tomorrow afternoon?
  • What meetings do I have next week?
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