Reply to a message

To reply to a message in Google Chat, you can enter text or select a suggestion if available. You might get suggestions based on the content of the message that you received. 


How reply suggestions work

Note: The content in this animation is currently only available in English.

Reply to a message

  1. Sign in to Chat or Gmail.
  2. Open a chat message and below the message, click the reply area.
  3. Enter your message or select a suggestion.
  4. You can customise a suggested message before sending.
  5. Press Enter or click Send "".

Tip: In a room, don't enter your reply at the bottom under New thread. If you do, it creates a new conversation thread instead of a reply.

Turn off suggestions in Chat

  1. At the top right, click Settings ""and thenSettings.
  2. Under Smart Reply, untick the box.

Other options

You can add these options to your message:

  • Click  and enter a name to add a person to the conversation.
  • Click Upload "" to share files from your device. Everyone in a room can view shared files.
  • Click Add a Drive file "" to share files from Google Drive. Everyone in a room can view shared Drive files.
  • Click Add video meeting "" to start a video call.
  • Click Emoji "" to add emojis to your message.
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