Join a room

When you’re invited to join a room, you’ll get an email notification if the person inviting you to the room requests it. Before you join, you can preview the room and see its message history. 

You can get notifications and preview the room even if you're invited with your personal Google Account or the room is owned by another organization.

Tip: Touch and hold a conversation for more options.

  1. Open the Chat app "" or Gmail app "".
  2. At the bottom, tap Rooms "".
    The rooms that you're invited to appear at the top of the list. Enter a room name to quickly find a room.
  3. In Chat, tap Add ""and thenBrowse rooms.
  4. In Gmail, tap New roomand thenBrowse rooms.
  5. (Optional) To preview a room, tap the room name. When you preview a room, you can read messages, but you can't participate in the discussion or get notifications.
  6. Tap Add "", or in the preview, tap Join to join the room. 
  7. Tap New thread to start a new conversation.
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