Get started with Google Chat

Google Chat is a powerful way to communicate with people in your organization. Start a message with one or more coworkers, create a room for ongoing conversations with groups of people, and use bots to help automate your work.

Chat works in your computer browser and in mobile apps for Android and iOS. Chat keeps all your messages in sync no matter which devices you use, even if you switch between them.

Communicate in two ways

  • Have a private conversation–Use a direct message to communicate with a colleague or small group of people.
  • Create a room—Use a room to have an ongoing conversation with a group of people that can change over time. All members can view the conversation history so they won't miss what was already discussed. Rooms can have multiple threads, called conversations, for different topics within the same room.

Sign in to Google Chat

Sign in to Google Chat to send and receive messages with your coworkers.

  1. Open Chat.
  2. If prompted, sign in to your Google Account for work or school.

You can also install the Chat standalone app.

Work with Google Chat


Symbol Description Learn more
"" Search for people, words, or rooms Search chat messages
"" Set up general notifications Turn notifications on or off
"" Send feedback
"" Open other Google apps Use the Google bar
"" History on Turn chat history on or off
"" History off Turn chat history on or off
"" Upload a file Attach a file to a message
"" Upload a Google Drive file Attach a file to a message
"" Start a video meeting Start a video meeting
"" Add an emoji

Change your profile photo

Google Chat displays your Google Account's profile photo. Learn how to add or change your profile photo.

If you update your photo for Chat, it's updated for other Google services, too.

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