Start a video meeting

You can start a video meeting from Google Chat.

Important: If your organization allows external users to join rooms or group conversations, anyone in the room or group can join a video meeting without permission.

Tip: To make sure you don't join a meeting with an expired code and to better plan for the future meetings you create, check when meeting codes expire. Learn about Google Meet meeting codes.

Start a video meeting from Chat or Gmail

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chat app or Gmail app ;.
    • In Gmail: At the bottom, tap Chat .
  2. In Chat, open a conversation.
  3. In the reply area, tap Action menu Add and then Meet link and then Send .
  4. To join a video meeting, tap Join video meeting and then Join now.

Tip: To learn more about Meet video meetings, go to the Meet Help Center.


Call someone directly from Chat or Gmail

Important: To make direct Meet calls from the Google Chat app, you must have the latest version of the Gmail app.

You can start a voice or video meeting from Chat or Gmail. When the other person receives the call, they’ll hear a ring.

  1. In Chat, in the bottom navigation menu, tap Direct messages .
  2. Open a direct message.
  3. At the top, click Start voice call or Start video call .
  4. To end the call, click End call Call end icon.

Tip: If you call someone who uses the Chat app but doesn’t have the Gmail app:

  • Their phone doesn’t ring.
  • They receive a Chat notification that you started a voice or video call.
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