Google Hangouts has been upgraded to Google Chat. Learn about the switch from Google Hangouts to Google Chat.

Edit or delete a message

Important: You can only edit or delete a Google Chat message if you use Chat on a work or school account.

  • You can edit or delete messages you sent in Google Chat.
    • Important: After you edit or delete a sent message, notifications may include the original message.
  • You can't edit or delete messages from other people if you don't have the Space Manager role. Space Managers can only delete messages from others in certain Google Workspace account editions. Learn more about Space Managers.


  • To delete all messages in your copy of a conversation, you can delete a conversation.
  • If you use a Google Workspace account, you can delete, but not edit a message from a bot.
  • Deleted messages in a space might show a timestamp when they were deleted.
  • If you’re in a space started by a Google Workspace account and you don’t belong to the same organization, you can’t delete messages from bots. 
In a chat message, click one of the following:
  • Edit "": Make your changes, then click Update "".
  • Delete "": To confirm, click Delete.
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