Send & share files in Google Chat messages

You can attach files up to 200 MB from your computer, mobile device, or Google Drive directly to Google Chat messages.

In spaces, you can view a list of files shared with the space, open files, and add them to Drive.

Supported image files:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • WBMP
  • HEIC

You can’t send certain files. Read File types blocked in Chat below. 

Send files in a chat message

Important: When you share files in Google Chat, they may shrink. Smaller files upload faster, but may have a lower resolution.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chat app or Gmail app .
    • In Gmail: At the bottom, tap Chat .
  2. Open a conversation.
  3. Enter your message and choose an option:
    • To attach images or videos, tap Photo or Action menu Add and then Photos .
      • Tap on the image or video you want to select. Then, tap Select or Add.
      • If you want to select multiple images or videos, long press or tap on them. Then, tap Select or Add.
        • Tip: You can send up to 20 images or videos attachments at a time.
    • To take a photo, tap Action menu Add and then Camera and then take a photo.
    • To attach a Drive file, tap Action menu Add and then Drive .
      • When you send the file, you get a message if the space or a person doesn't have access. If you have Edit access to the file, you get an option to grant access. If you grant access to a space, it also applies to people who join the space later.
    • To create a link to a video meeting, tap Action menu Add and then Meet link .
    • To create a Google Calendar invite, tap Action menu Add and then Calendar invite .
    • To send a GIF, tap GIF .
  4. Tap Send .

View shared images or videos

  1. ​​In Chat, open a conversation or space.
  2. At the top, next to the contact or conversation name, tap the right arrow Arrow Right.
  3. Tap Shared media.
  4. To load more images or videos, scroll.
    • If a section doesn’t load, tap Retry.

View & manage files, links & media in a space

You can view a list of files, links, and media shared in a space, open a file, and add a file to Drive.

  1. In the bottom navigation menu, tap Spaces and then select the space.
  2. At the top, tap the Shared tab.
  3. In the "Shared" tab, sort files by Category or Date shared.
    • Sort by category: Organizes the Shared tab into separate sections for files, links, and media.
    • Sort by date shared: Shows files, links, and media in a list organized by date.
  4. To open the file, tap the name of the file.
    • If installed, Drive files open in the Drive app .

Optional: To view or save a file, next to the file, tap More options and then:

  • View in chat: Opens the chat message where the file was shared.
  • Add shortcut to Drive: Saves a shortcut to Drive.

Tip: If you aren’t able to add files to Drive and you use a Google Workspace account, contact your administrator.

Remove a file

Important: You must use a Google Workspace account to remove a file from a space.

  1. In the bottom navigation menu, tap Spaces and then select the space.
  2. At the top, click the Shared tab. Next to the file, click View in chat .
  3. Hover over the message with the file.
  4. Click More actions and then Delete and then Delete.


  • If you delete a file in Drive, the file link remains in the space until you delete it from the chat message where it was shared.
    • If you don't delete it from the chat, the file link will show a "File in Trash" message when you select it.
    • If you don't delete it from the chat and Drive trash is emptied, you won't be able to open the file from the file link.
  • When you delete the file from the chat message, the file link is removed from chat and the Shared tab of the space.

File types blocked in Google Chat

There are several reasons why you might get an upload error in Google Chat. Chat blocks files or links that might spread viruses, such as executable files. To keep up with harmful software, Chat regularly updates the file types that aren’t allowed.

You can’t attach certain types of files. These include:

    This list includes any compressed form, such as GZ or BZ2 files, or files found in archives, such as ZIP or TGZ files.
  • Documents with malicious macros.
  • Password-protected archives whose content is an archive.

If a blocked file isn't listed above and you're sure the blocked file is safe, upload the file to Drive and then send the file as a Drive attachment.

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