Make calls from Gmail

You can make a call from your Gmail account from your Google Chat list or your email.

Make a call using your Google Chat list

You'll know you're using Google Chat if the green, yellow, or red circle is next to a person's name on the left. If you're using Hangouts in Gmail, you'll see a green or gray circle on the bottom right of the person's photo. Learn more on how to call a phone using Hangouts.

  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. In your Google Chat list, click the Call phone icon . Remember, if you're using Hangouts, you won't see the Call phone icon . Instead, you'll need to switch to Hangouts to make a call.
  3. Use your mouse or keyboard’s number pad to dial the number you want to call.
  4. Click Call.

If you have a Google Voice number, it will appear on the recipient's caller ID. If you haven't set up a Google Voice number, a generic number will appear to the person you're calling.

Make a call from an email

You can make calls directly from an email you send or receive.

  1. When you open an email with a phone number in the text, the number will be blue.
  2. Click the phone number in the email.
  3. In the dial pad that appears, click Call




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