Call a phone

To place a call to a phone number in Gmail after installing the voice and video chat plug-in just follow the steps below. If you'd like to make a voice or video call from one computer to another, follow these instructions.

To place a call to a landline or wireless phone number:

  1. In your chat list, click the Call phone icon  at the top of your Chat list. 
  2. In the resulting Call window, dial the number you wish to call (you can use your mouse or your keyboard's number pad).
  3. Click the Call button.
More ways to start a call:
  • Initiate a phone call from a text chat window by clicking the phone icon.
  • Click on a linked phone number in a contact's status message, email message, or in a text chat window.
  • Click on the phone icon next to a contact in the contact manager.
  • Type a number into the Call Window and click Call Phone.
  • If there is already a phone number assigned to a contact, you can click on the contact to start a chat, then click on the phone icon, and select their phone number.

If you would like to make a call, you can take a look at our current calling rates. After you've checked the rates, just add credit and dial the number. You can select the applicable country code by clicking the the flag drop down or by typing it directly into the window (i.e. +55 for Brazil).You can also make the country you call the most your Default Country so that you don’t have to choose a country every time you make a call. You can do this in your Mail Settings by clicking on the Chat tab and choosing a country from the drop down menu in the Call Phone section.