Adding bots to your chat list

Google Chat can help you with quick language translation. All you need to do is chat with one of our bots. To use a bot, add it to your Chat list and send it a message. You can also use the bots to translate a conversation with a group of your friends. You can do this by inviting a bot to a group chat with a friend. There is more information on each type of bot below.

Translation Bots

Translation Bots will translate your messages from one language to another. These bots are named using two-letter language abbreviations formated as '[from language]2[to,' and all available combinations are listed in the table below. For example, if you send 'Hello' to (English to Spanish), it will respond with 'Hola.'

You can send a chat to these bots to get your messages translated:

Languages Bots (lang -> en) Bots (en -> lang)
Arabic - English ar2en en2ar
Bulgarian - English bg2en en2bg
Czech - English cs2en en2cs
Danish - English da2en en2da
German - English de2en en2de
German - French de2fr fr2de
Greek - English el2en en2el
Spanish - English es2en en2es
Finnish - English fi2en en2fi
French - English fr2en en2fr
Hindi - English hi2en en2hi
Croatian - English hr2en en2hr
Italian - English it2en en2it
Japanese - English ja2en en2ja
Korean - English ko2en en2ko
Dutch - English nl2en en2nl
Norwegian - English no2en en2no
Polish - English pl2en en2pl
Portuguese - English pt2en en2pt
Romanian - English ro2en en2ro
Russian - English ru2en en2ru
Swedish - English sv2en en2sv
Chinese - English zh2en en2zh
Traditional Chinese - English zh-hant2en en2zh-hant
Traditional Chinese - Chinese zh-hant2zh zh2zh-hant

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