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Google Chat will be replaced by Hangouts on June 26, 2017. Learn how to use Hangouts.

Poor call quality

We're sorry that you're having trouble with voice and video chat. Please note that if you are using a DSL modem with a slow uplink, a 3G wireless modem, a network with some types of proxies or a lower speed connection to make video calls, your call quality may suffer. We apologise for any inconvenience that you may experience as a result.

If you don't think that the issue is a result of your Internet connection, please follow these steps to help resolve your issue.

  1. Free up bandwidth or CPU power: Hangouts and voice and video chat require a fair amount of processing power and network bandwidth. If you or your friend are watching video clips, downloading a large file or doing other CPU or network-intensive activities, the performance of the video chat may be affected. Closing other programs, web pages and downloads may improve the quality.
  2. Make sure that no other programs are attempting to use your webcam or audio device: If other programs are attempting to use your mic or webcam, you may not be able to successfully have a Hangout or voice and video chat. 
  3. Make sure that your webcam is plugged directly into your computer: If your webcam is plugged into a USB hub, please try plugging your webcam directly into your computer. Running your webcam through a USB hub can cause latency. 
  4. Visit the Google Chat forum: The Chat forum has been closed to new posts in order to focus on Hangouts, but you can still search the forum for answers to issues or questions.

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