Insert smart chips in Google Chat

In Chat, type '@' with a keyword to insert a smart chip:

  • To tag someone to get their attention, enter '@' and their name or email address. When the correct person is suggested, click their name.
  • To access and interact with installed apps, enter '@' and the name of the app. Click when the correct app is suggested.
  • To search for and share files relevant to the conversation, enter '@' and the name of your file. Click when the correct file is suggested.
  • To reference or link to a specific space, enter '@' and the name of the space. Click when the correct space is suggested.

Important: When you mention a user in a smart chip, they don't automatically get access to your document. To grant access to another user, you must share your document.

  1. On your computer, open Google Chat.
    • Type '@', then select from the suggestions, or enter letters, numbers or symbols.

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