Video call settings

You can access your video call settings at any time by clicking the gear icon at the top of the video call window.

Specific settings

The settings you choose will be applied to all future video call sessions.

Bandwidth setting: If you’re experiencing issues with the video or sound quality of your video call, please try adjusting your bandwidth setting.

Hangouts in HD: If you have the right equipment, you can send and receive 720p HD video through Hangouts. Learn more about HD Hangouts.

(Hangouts On Air only) Audio setting: Whether you’re performing your favorite song in a Hangout On Air or just talking with a few friends, you can optimize the audio by going to your settings and choosing the sound setting that works best for you.

Optimize your network for Hangouts: Hangouts is adaptive in the ways it attempts to establish a network connection between a participant on your network and the Google conference servers. Learn how to optimize your network.

Devices: We recommend using USB web cameras and BlackMagic devices for the best video call experience. Other devices, like virtual cameras, may not work with Hangouts.

Learn more about Audio Settings for Hangouts On Air

Sound setting options

  • Voice: Optimizes your audio for voice conversation. Best for most users.
  • Studio: Provides higher fidelity audio. Best for users performing music in a Hangout On Air.

More about "Studio" mode:

  • "Studio" mode is only supported by versions 3.3.3+ of the voice and video chat plugin. Your plugin version is shown on the bottom right of the settings page.
  • It is also an experimental mode which means that if some mobile and desktop users join, you'll automatically be placed back in to normal audio mode as long as they are in the Hangout.

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