Invite friends on Google+ to join a video Hangout

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You can use video Hangouts on Google+ to have face-to-face video calls with up to nine other people. Start a video Hangout and let your friends and the public know that you’re free and ready to chat.

Start a video Hangout on Google+

  1. Sign in to Google+.
  2. At the bottom of your Hangouts list, click Start a video Hangout.
  3. You'll see a share box to create your video Hangout. Type a description for the video Hangout. This description will show up in the Google+ post shared with people you invite.
  4. You can add specific people or circles, or make the video Hangout public. You can also use a person's phone number to invite them. Click Add telephone at the bottom of the window.
    1. Require guests to be 18 years of age or older: You can make the video Hangout only available to people who are 18 years of age or older by selecting the checkbox next to "Require guests to be 18+ to join this video call." Other Hangout participants won't be able to invite people under 18 years old. Once the video Hangout starts, the 18+ restriction can't be changed.
    2. Quiet invitations: If you want to invite people to your video Hangout without getting a phone-ringing sound notification, check the box next to "Quiet invitations." They’ll still get a notification on their Hangouts list in Google+, but they won’t be interrupted.
  5. Click Share to post an invitation to your friends and start the video Hangout.

You can also start a video Hangout from a Google+ page you created or Hangouts on Google+.

Add people during a video Hangout

You can directly add people to your video Hangout from within the video call. Click the  invite people button at the top of the video call window. Type their names, and click Add people. When you directly add people to your video Hangout, they are notified through Hangouts.

Find a video Hangout

If someone in your circles is having a video Hangout, you'll see an invite notification at the bottom right of your Google+ Hangouts list asking whether you want to join. Click View all if you want to see all video Hangouts that are available. You can also find other Hangouts On Air on Google+.

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