Transfer a customer's subscriptions to Google

For customers who have an offline commitment, use the Partner Sales Tool to transfer the customer to Google.

If you no longer want to manage a customer's Google Workspace subscriptions, you can either:

  • Transfer the customer and their subscriptions to Google.
  • Transfer a customer's Google Voice or Chrome Enterprise Upgrade subscriptions to Google, and continue to manage their Google Workspace subscription.

For customers who have Google Cloud subscriptions: Only Google Workspace, Cloud Identity, and add-on subscriptions can be transferred to Google. You continue to manage the customer and their Google Cloud subscriptions (active, suspended, or canceled).

G Suite Basic and G Suite Business are no longer available for purchase. If your customer has one of these subscriptions, they'll be asked to set up billing for a Google Workspace subscription after the transfer.

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After a transfer

Important: Transfers are non-reversible.

After you transfer a customer or a customer's subscriptions, the customer's account information and order history remain available in your Partner Sales Console. You can also delete the customer's account from the Partner Sales Console.

Billing and account management

  • Google manages the customer's transferred subscriptions.
  • The customer's super administrator receives an email notification from Google.
  • Billing for transferred subscriptions: You won’t be eligible for a refund for a customer on the Annual Plan (Yearly payments). For a customer on an Annual Plan (Monthly payments) or Flexible Plan, you're only charged up to the date of the transfer. Learn more about billing for transferred customers.

Grace period after transfer

When you transfer a customer to Google, their subscriptions enter a grace period. During the grace period, the customer is not billed for active subscriptions. The length of the grace period depends on the subscription's payment plan.

Payment plan Grace period
Flexible Plan 30 days
Annual Plan, Monthly payments 30 days
Annual Plan, Yearly payments The remaining duration of the commitment (up to 1 year) or 30 days, whichever is greater.
Currently in free trial 30 days
Offline order 30 days
Subscription suspended No grace period. Subscription remains suspended. Paid service begins after the customer sets up billing.

Tip: You can filter the dashboard for customers in grace period. 

Transfer a customer's subscriptions to Google

Note: Your customer’s account must have a super administrator before transferring to Google. For details, go to Make a user an admin.

  1. Sign in to the Partner Sales Console.
  2. On the Customers page, click the customer name.
  3. On the Subscriptions page, click Transfer subscriptions to Google in the top right.
  4. Review and select the subscriptions to transfer.
    • Some subscriptions must transfer together. For example, selecting Google Workspace automatically selects Google Workspace Additional Storage or Google Voice.
    • Subscriptions purchased offline must be transferred with assistance from Google Support.
    • Subscriptions that aren't eligible for transfer, such as Google Cloud, are not listed.
  5. Click Transfer all to Google or Transfer partially to Google.
  6. Review the transfer information. Transfers are non-reversible.
  7. Click Confirm transfer.
  8. (Optional) To make changes to the subscriptions, click Manage subscriptions.
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