My customer's account information isn't correct

You might find that your customer's account information, such as their domain name, appears to be out of date in the Channel Services console.

What's different: When your or your customer update the customer's account information in the Admin console, the changes aren't synced to your Channel Services console. Instead you need make the changes in your Channel Services console. To stay up-to-date, remind customers to notify you when they change their domain name, administrator, or contact information.  

  1. Sign in to the customer's Admin console.
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Account settingsand thenProfile.
  3. Review the customer's information:   
    • Company/organization
    • Domain name
    • Primary administrator
    • Secondary contact
  4. Sign in to the Channel Services console.
  5. On the Customers page, search for the customer's previous company name or domain (or contact the customer). 
  6. Select the customer.
  7. Next to Contact information click Edit. 
  8. Update the customer's information. 

Existing customers (added in the classic Reseller consoled

For customers you created in the classic Reseller console: Changes that you make to their account information in the Channel Services console won't appear in the classic Reseller console. 



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