Confirm customer domain ownership and MX record changes

To activate your Google service, such as G Suite, you or your customer must verify the customer’s domain ownership. Until this happens, an alert appears when you or the customer signs in to their Google Admin console.

In addition, for your customer to use G Suite as the domain’s email service, the customer’s mail exchange (MX) records must be modified to point to Google’s mail servers. Without this step, the customer doesn’t receive any mail flow.

Verify domain ownership

Verify your domain as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can’t use certain services, such as Gmail in G Suite. Verifying your domain doesn’t affect your email or website. See Verify domain ownership.

After the verification process is completed, your service is activated.

Note: If your customer’s domain was purchased outside of Google, verify the domain either by creating a CNAME record or uploading an HTML file.

Confirm MX record updates

See Set up MX records for G Suite Gmail.

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