Search and view customers

 You can search, filter, and sort your customers, and save filters.

View your customers 

  • Name: Click a customer's name to view their account.
  • Domain: The customer's primary domain. For Google Workspace customers: The domain name isn't synchronized with the customer's Admin console. If the customer changes their domain in the Admin console, update the customer's contact information in the Partner Sales Console.
  • Subscriptions: The number and status of subscriptions. Google Cloud subscriptions always have an Active status. 
  • Renewal date (not shown if you resell only Google Cloud) Lists the subscription with the earliest renewal date. Uses UTC time zone (-7 PDT and -4 EDT). Subscriptions on a Flexible Plan and Google Cloud subscriptions don't have a renewal date. 

List of customers

Search and filter customers

Search Search by customer: Searches customers' name and domain.
Filter Filter by renewal date and subscription status or type (doesn't apply to Google Cloud subscriptions). Filters match any of these terms. Click Save filters to save your filters.
Reverse sort direction (Up) Sort by clicking Name, Domain, or Renewal date.

A customer might have multiple accounts that use the same domain name. When you assign a billing subaccount, the suggested matches include the Cloud Identity ID to help you identify an account. 

Shows customer names and Cloud Identity IDs


Also, you can easily search and switch between customer accounts. When you're on a customer's account page, click the customer's name and enter another customer name or domain.

Subscription status

The Subscriptions column lists the number of subscriptions and status. Google Cloud subscriptions always have an Active status. 

 To view the reason for a suspension, click the customer name and then the suspended subscription.

Status Description
  • Reseller suspended subscription
  • Suspended until Terms of Service is accepted
  • Subscription trial period has ended
  • Reseller suspended subscription
Active Paid subscription or subscription in free trial period. Google Cloud subscriptions always have an Active status.
Complete Subscription expired without renewal
<empty> Customer account with no subscriptions


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