Cloud Identity Free edition orders

Features Compare Cloud Identity and Cloud Identity Premium editions 
Compatibility G Suite (all editions), G Suite Essentials, Cloud Identity Premium, Chrome Enterprise
  • Customers receive 50 free licenses, and more if they have G Suite.
  • Cloud Identity Free licenses cannot be removed from a users or reassigned. 
Plans Free. Contact Google Support to request additional free licenses for your customer.


After placing an order

  • Customer must accept the Terms of Service. The Subscription status then changes from Suspended to Active.
  • New customers must verify their domain ownership

Turn off G Suite automatic licensing

If the customer has G Suite, check their automatic licensing settings. If G Suite automatic licensing is turned on for an organizational unit, all new users in that organizational unit automatically receive a paid G Suite license in addition to their free Cloud Identity license.

Turning off automatic licensing ensures that new users are assigned only a free Cloud Identity license. If a user needs access to G Suite services like Gmail, you can assign the user a paid G Suite license manually or turn automatic licensing on for a particular organization to give all the users in that organization a G Suite license.

  1. In the Subscriptions section on the customer page, click the Down arrow Down Arrow to the left of their G Suite subscription.
  2. Click in the Auto-licensing field for the relevant organization and select Off for everyone.
  3. Click Save.

Learn more about Cloud Identity and licensing 

Order Cloud Identity 

  1. Sign in to the Channel Services console.

  2. On the Customers page, click the customer's name.
  3. Below Subscriptions, click New Service.
  4. Click Cloud Identity Free > Select
  5. Review the plans and click Select plan.


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